Organize and socialize around the stuff you own and cherish

Snupps, it's all about your stuff... at your fingertips!

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  • Collections

    Organize and showcase the stuff you cherish

    Whether you’ve been collecting for years or just starting out, Snupps will help you keep track of all your collections. Catalog your artwork, antiques, handbags, shoes, watches, wine, or whatever it is you're into. Explore others’ collections and socialize with people with similar interests.

  • Home

    Inventory and keep track of what you own

    Inventory your home to keep track of big ticket items for insurance purposes and estate planning. Be prepared for the bad things that happen in life. Catalog your moving list, so nothing gets left behind. Know what’s in storage and remember what’s tucked away. Snupps makes this so easy.

  • and more…

    Organize the stuff in your life in one place

    Capture and store everything you need in one place, from your things around the house to important documents that you can never find. Store all those unique and odd things from vintage pieces to new purchases, securely on the Snupps cloud.

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Take your stuff everywhere

Have your stuff at your fingertips, anytime & anyplace. With Snupps, your stuff is accessible from your Android device, iPhone, iPad and computer and syncs seamlessly across your devices via the cloud.

Your stuff at your fingertips

Your stuff, where you want it, when you want it