Snupps helps you organize, discover, and share the stuff you own and love.

Your stuff at your fingertips!
  • Organize

    Digitize your possessions and always carry what you own with you. Know what you have so you don’t buy the same thing twice. Sort onto shelves which items you want to keep, which you want to sell or give away.

  • Discover

    Use Snupps if you’re interested in clothes, sneakers, make-up or anything collectible. Explore inspirational shelves, find and connect with people who share your passions. Follow users’ profiles or choose individual shelves to customize your news feed.

Take your stuff everywhere

Have access to your stuff anytime and anywhere. With Snupps, your stuff is accessible from your iOS or Android device and computer, and syncs seamlessly across your devices via the Cloud.

Your stuff at your fingertips

Your stuff, where you want it, when you want it

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