Russian crafteradded July 10, 2018

Tiny hot dog, created from polymer clay.

ErinJuly 11, 2018

@Alegrik alright, ty. :D

Russian crafterJuly 11, 2018

@Mylegonerd my creations are based on "the grossery gang" This are series of collectable minifigures, that looks like rotten food, gross bathroom supples etc. I like those figures, but its impossible to get them in Russia. So, when i was a 9 - years old boy, I decided to make my own versions of those toys from plasticine clay. And last month i found a box with all my figures, and decided to recreate them from clay, and make them just funny, instead of gross.
P.S. Sorry for my bad English.

MylegonerdJuly 11, 2018

@Alegrik thanks and that’s so awesome! Keep up the good work!!👍🏻❤️