@AwesumIndustrysMay 28, 2018

@Bucky749 I disagree, the modern stuff is really good. That’s the thing I like about Cartoon Network. Even during their worst moment (2007-2009) they still have something good to watch.

JamieMay 28, 2018

@AwesumIndustrys you and my brother are in the same group I guess uncle grandpa is I mean one episode has ric flair and I’ve heard good things about Steven universe and adventure time and I liked the thunder cats reboot but I still don’t like teen titans go .

@AwesumIndustrysMay 29, 2018

@Bucky749 Yeah. I don’t like Teen Titans Go either, but all the other shows I very much like or at the very least respect. OK K.O. is my second favorite show just barely behind Invader Zim (which is ironic considering I don’t like Nick generally).