3hris_added February 27, 2020

Solid figure in my opinion. While I do have an issue with the plastic it isn’t due to the soapy look of it like most. I oddly enough kinda like the soapy look. However, the plastic seems flexible and scares me when transforming it. But my main problem is with the peg of the shield. On my original copy it broke upon my first time removing it from the jet mode. I recommend barely putting it into the peg hole and even then avoiding putting it in at all. While it completes the jet mode by far, I had to get the original one replaced due to said peg. The only other issue might be that he is a little top heavy due to the backpack. Regardless of these issues, I’d still recommend him.

Patrick GFebruary 28, 2020

He gives off a titans return feel to him, I believe that he was supposed to be intended for the Titans Return line and then just snapped him into the Siege line

3hris_March 3, 2020

@PatG101 Well I do happen to be using the Titan’s Return Apeface for his head because to me the TR head sculpt is 100 times better, I just keep his actual head stored in the cockpit and just switch them out for Gorilla mode. I also occasionally use the Siege head in place of the TR head for the TR gun mode.