Chrisadded March 9, 2020

Overall a great figure. That head sculpt alone does is for me. Only issues I have are with are the stickers overtime, the knee joints on my figure are a little weak, some stressing, lack of waist articulation, and lack of maybe some foot articulation on Hot Rod. This figure is great and serves as a great display piece. The vehicle is stunning on both Rodimus and Hot Rod in my opinion. With him being a leader he doesn’t really scale well with CHUG. Depending on who you are you might be able to use him for your MP version if you wanted(I don’t though). I picked this guy up at the Transformers gift shop in Universal Studios Florida.

Patrick GMarch 9, 2020

Personally, I sold this guy just cause he wasn’t what I expected. What really bugged me were his shoulder joints. On my copy they were loose and really ugly to look at

ChrisMarch 9, 2020

@PatG101 While although the shoulder joints aren’t the greatest thing nor do they look good, I do see why they are the way they are due to the inner Hot Rod. Mine weren’t loose either so... I just wish Hasbro would give us a proper Voyager Rodimus that scales with CHUG nicely and gets the treatment similar to maybe Earthrise Prime.