3hris_added August 3, 2020

This is a solid release. While I realize this is just a recolor of the SSJ release, it’s still a good one nonetheless. While I may be a little bias, seeing as Vegito is one my favorite DB characters, it still proves itself. The articulation is solid and the detailing is notable. I did however wish they included stickers for the Potara earrings. I also ended up painting the belt since I didn’t think the original color of the belt was as a accurate as I would’ve liked. Overall, a solid release, the only thing I might gripe about is the boots come apart on occasion and I wouldn’t have minded possibly getting a Final Kamehameha effect.

3hris_November 14, 2020

@pokemancorrlector I do apologize for just now replying, I’m somehow just now seeing this. In terms of difficulty, Figure-Rise is a really good entry grade model kit line. They aren’t hard to put together and come with clear instructions. They typically take about an hour tops to build. But since a lot of the figures are similar in build, I’ve gotten it down to less before when I was building them more often. They typically hold up well and don’t need to be glued together. But on certain releases, there are a few pieces that tend to come apart easier than others. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad kit though.

3hris_November 14, 2020

Also, I dunno, maybe a 2 or 3.

PrestonNovember 19, 2020

@CB.Culture i had my phone taken till now so lol