3hris_added August 6, 2020

This is probably my favorite Figure-Rise model kit at the time of posting this. While Gogeta isn’t my favorite character of DB and I’m more preferable towards Vegito, in terms of actual figure, this guy takes the cake. The articulations is good, and the joints are nice and tight. They also fixed the previous issues I had with the vest with SSJ4 Gogeta, the vest now not coming apart as often. I did repaint the hair seeing as that is the main letdown of this figure. It isn’t even near anime accurate and is closer to Vegito than it is Gogeta. Otherwise, this guy is great, as said. He also comes with a pretty good array of accessories including 4 effect pieces, 2 heads, 2 faces for each head, and 2 sets of hands. This all for the price of about $40USD is a solid deal.