Conneradded November 19, 2017

This is my fourth model train. I got in 2014. It’s part of Bachmann’s Historic range of model train sets. However I didn’t get mine from Bachmann, I got it from eBay.

Model Number

DeWitt Clinton



ConnerMay 25, 2018

@GeorgeYoung I believe Bachmann is still selling the set on their American website. They also made a few other historic American locomotives, such as the John Bull.

George YoungMay 25, 2018

@Conner21701 nice
I think old, little locos have a nice charm about them, different from the one from bigger locos like Brittanias and 9fs

ConnerMay 25, 2018

@GeorgeYoung I agree. There is some about Early Steam that catches attention. I would say that there are a few eras for locomotives:
- Early Steam
-Classic Steam
- Modern Steam
- Modern Steam/Early Diesel
- Early Diesel
- Modern Diesel
Then electric would go in there somewhere. And I don’t directly count stuff like maglevs and the work-in-progress Hyperloop.