Shelby Petersonadded July 23, 2019

I can't believe this kind of stuff actually happens. Still, that won't change anything. KyoAni is likely one of my favorite anime studios, and it sucks such a terrible thing had to happen to them.
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Anyways, thought I should help spread some awareness on this corner of the internet, so here, enjoy my drawing of Konata! Or don't, I'm not your mom...
Edit: 2nd image, her mole I so carelessly forgot...

ItalyJuly 25, 2019

YEA ITS SO SAD WHY WOULD SOMEONE BURN THE STUDIO DOWNN T^T so many people got hurt and lost family members its so sad..

Shelby PetersonJuly 25, 2019

@Yukio-chan ikr, I felt like crying.