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Bat Pony GothicaJanuary 4, 2019

@MitchellMcDowell Tirek might be, though he had only apeard twice. Dr. Caballeron apears only when Daring Do is involved, so l think nope

Mitchell McDowellJanuary 4, 2019

@Discord_groovy Ok, I think Tirek is a pretty good villain since he destroyed Twilight's home, manipulated Discord when an offer that he couldn't refuse, and was the biggest threat and the toughest opponent that the Mane 6 and Equestria had face, & Dr. Caballeron in his previous appearance, try to kill Rainbow Dash in an attempt to drive Daring-Do into soul-crushing despair to get revenge on her, and they said that he has a good backstory, but the only bits of his backstory we got was that he wanted it to be her partner, but she arrogantly refused, I just think Dr. Caballeron is an underrated cartoon villain, even in the Brony fandom he's overlooked, what do you think what Caballeron try to do that I just told you? I'm not trying to start anything at all, just to let you know.

Mitchell McDowellJanuary 19, 2019

@Discord_groovy Hello?