Gunnar BJanuary 24, 2019

I picked up this set recently and it is awesome!!! Its cool to get a set based of the 80s space theme. This set is definitely worth it and I would recommend it to anyone even if they don’t want to get any Lego Movie 2 sets

Brick HaulJanuary 24, 2019

@Gunnarb I totally agree, there's something about the simplistic colors that make them so alluring. They really ought to re-release some old minifigure designs. That and the joke with their names is hilarious... you'd assume the pink astronaut is the girl, but youd be wrong! Even if your not into the other Lego Movie 2 polybags (theres some weird ones) I highly recommend this one.

Ironspider6056February 7, 2019

I really want this it’s cool to get a classic space set in this new wave of sets