Brick Hauladded June 2, 2019

Welcome to Brickton! I've been building this city since February 2019 with the Diner being the first building on the 'block'. Now spanning 18 baseplates (count em!) with 2 modulars, 1 MOC, custom sidewalks, a whole fleet of cars, and a hodgepodge of weirdo characters.
Current sections of the city are the modular strip with back alley, Lego store, System park, Lovers park, and the roach coach road. There are more planned sections, but you never know... design might change based on what Lego releases!
Latest completed project was the Lego store and the System Park. In the windows of the Lego store you'll see a spaceman and knight, in the park is a massive pirate ship and a cowboy kid, all representing four of the most popular themes of the company (space, pirate, knight, and wild west). Next project is the park... so I need more flowers!
The interiors are populated with figures too and their positions change with my play. Part of the fun is making new situations, like the lady spilling her paint or the spacemen, and changing it up. Nothing is set in stone, only plastic.

Brick HaulJune 3, 2019

@TheFinder Kind of a trick question... I mostly have KO baseplates. The only official Lego ones are the two directly infront of the diner and detective agency

Ironspider6056June 4, 2019

@Dyslexic_Stoner cool

BogdaJune 12, 2019

Очень крута мне понравилась cool