Brick Hauladded August 24, 2019

Render of a MOC I've already built, but hard to photograph. This is the first attempt of mine to use up a lot of my spare Lego bricks and make something unique for one of my minifigures. This might be a new trend of making things for my special named figures... or it might be a one-off-MOC. Stay tuned!
TED is a device which Spaceman Spiff can deploy onto a planet to help provide assistance in any number of tasks. TED is primarily a mobile computing device which is powered by a 'radioactive' 2x4 block and used to help terraform planets by simply steamrolling over old craters. My father likes to compare it to a "Zamboni in space", which is accurate.
113 Total pieces
64 Unique pieces
Estimated value ~$13 USD
Build/design time: 7 hours

Jackson StarshipAugust 25, 2019

That’s epic dude