Brick Hauladded March 28, 2020

Behold my custom Lego Store! Originally just a facade from one of the official sets, the store slowly grew with my city to it's current size and shape, the way it'll be for quite a while.
On the roof is a party of all my persona minifigs throughout various stages of my life, from when I was a child to today. (Child, teen, college, early twenties, late twenties, present day). The billboard on the roof is the oldest intact lego build I've made -origin and purpose unknown. SP is probably something I made to destroy in my early "mini city Godzilla attack" I used to do, but never got around.
On the inside there's the Pick-a-brick wall on the back wall, build area on the left wall by the largest wall of sets, and Ninjago sets on the right wall. Outside is an ATM and decorative brick.

bValeskaMay 30, 2020

@Dyslexic_Stoner yeah ik, that’s the danger of online sarcasm

Brick HaulMay 30, 2020

@sebastianvannyla yeah, right?

bValeskaMay 31, 2020

@Dyslexic_Stoner yes