Brick Hauladded March 29, 2020

With an overabundance of Lego food clogging my bins, I decided to make use of some super market stickers! The stickers along the back wall are from the Legoland idea book #6000(from 1980). The ones along the windows are from the new extra sticker pack.
The various food stock is separated in sections- Seafood (Fish), Bread (baguettes and pretzels), Eggs, Dairy (milk and cheese), fruit (bananas and apples), dishware, Pies (pizza and pumpkin), and turkey drum sticks for some reason.
Building is modeled after a bodega style super market, the kind you might find in Texas. I was born in Texas, so I really wanted to have something related in my city for a long time.
Have you seen this cat?

Sammie Ayden TillmanMarch 29, 2020

I like your food market you did awesome on the food

bValeskaMarch 29, 2020

Aww, a missing cat! I SHALL DESTROY THIS MAR- Just kidding. Great build, great sticker pieces! And I should also probably give me town somewhere to eat..