Elyseadded March 5, 2018

This is a must buy for anyone who likes collecting for the art, but wants to go cheap. I love this set so much that I’m not on Box number 3 of the Korean version, although I am only a few cards away from having a complete master set in English. These go for around $20+ on EBay and the quality is great!

Andy&Son PokéTCGMarch 6, 2018

@ElizaJane15 ya none of my local card shops have them so I might have to turn to eBay lol

baileyMarch 7, 2018

Omg I have always wanted on of those and I also wanted a gx battle booster box Japanese version 😥

ElyseMarch 7, 2018

@BaileyTheMeme the GX boxes are mad cool. I haven’t opened one or anything, but I’ve seen others get them.