EnderGamer1236added February 4, 2020

Updates (in order of pictures): The drawing from the front "page" of the binder is done. (I painted some small parts of the pokémon with the ink but I swear it wasn't on purpose :( I'm sorry Jirachi and Mew. And if you're wondering what those pink traces are, they're here just traces I wanted to add in the drawing to make it look more cool [kind of])

The first actual page of the binder now has my Jirachi collection, the page behind it before had Mimikyu, cubone, and Magnemite (some of my favorite pokémon) now has Mew and Snorunt (moved from the first page because of Jirachi) and Mimikyu. I'll put Cubone and Magnemite with the other common cards. (Sorry Cubone and Magnemite)
Now I have +2 new cards (besides all the Jirachi's and pokemon from my team): Mudkip (bought) and Chikorita from pokémon league (gift that came from the seller with all the cards I bought :3 ).
The cards inspired by my team on pkmn leaf green now have Raichu, Vaporeon and Bulbasaur that finally arrived! Now I just need Venusaur to evolve Bulbasaur and Hitmonchan.
Sorry for any bad grammar, I'm brazillian and still learning english.

Why this update has more likes than the other binder parts? w h a t

JWClarkFebruary 8, 2020