EnderrPlatadded March 6, 2020

I got it delivered to me yesterday! This is my birthday gift that my mum gave to me (thanks mum). This is the (obviously) brazilian version and it is so tinyyyy. I tought these boxes were bigger, this thing can almost fit in my hands! (And I have the smallest hands in my class) Oh and the third image is the box that it came in, the brazillian pokémon cards distrubutor is called Copag as you can see in the box.
Yes I already opened it and I pulled some great GREAT stuff from it that I will post later. I pretend on posting one each day until I have nothing else to post (lol)
Sorry the pictures are kind of cut out. I've taken the pictures with the actual phone camera not with the Snupps app (when you take the pictures on Snupps they come perfectly). But hey at least you guys can have an idea of how the box is...
Update: I've taken two last pictures to show how the box is when opened. And yes, I always keep the packs I open because I just can't put in the trash these beautiful packs with these charming drawings come on... (there is only 5 packs that I gave to my sister and after getting the cards she put them on the trash can. So yeah I only have 30 packs instead of 35 in my box)

JDOG_27March 15, 2020

Lucky i want one

EnderrPlatMarch 17, 2020

@JDOG_27 Where are you from? If you're from Brazil like me I can send the link from where I bought it :)