EnderrPlatadded February 21, 2021

Sorry for such a long time away, I can buy games and cards only at certain times :')
I can FINALLY play a gen 5 game! I got Pokémon White, Sun, and Mario Kart 7 all from the same listing on Mercado Livre! They arrived in my house 17/02. All three games for 264 BRL (if I remember correctly), currently 49 dollars! Another lucky find I'd say, because Pokémon White alone is selling for 60+ dollars
When I first picked up the box, I didn't know the manuals would come inside too. I didn't even know it HAD a manual. Imagine my surprise when I see this huge and colorful manual inside!
I'm enjoying my adventure currently, very nice game! Now to the pictures:
1. Front of the game box
2. Back of the game box
3. Inside the game box
4. The manuals that came inside
5. One part of the actual game manual, very beautiful and colorful!
6. Me showing how BIG this manual is
7. The back of the cartridge
I'll post about the two other games tomorrow and after since I can only post once per day in the 3DS Snupps group/community, thank you for reading!


The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, GameFreak

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Mercado Livre

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