D.Dadded October 19, 2018

Something is seriously wrong with this card.
First, it has Holo bleed, an uncommon thing that happens on holo cards where you can see the holo pattern outside of the artwork. Secondly, the holofoil pattern isnt supposed to be on the pokemon, and the most massive Missprint about this card is that the back of the card is upside-down.
If i were to take a holo giratina and this mew and flip them both the right (or left) the the back of mews card is upside-down. I have no idea why this card is like this or how much this card is worth, but it is epic.

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Kaizii’s Poke’monOctober 20, 2018

Wow ur lucky that it’s on a card that’s actually worth something rather than a crappy basic or energy card

your bleed is really visible 😍 mine is not so obvious bleh, but mine is also upside down 🎉 love this card a lot together with that gold star mew (water me and fire mew) ❤️

Aiden FigJuly 16, 2019

I have that card