Menehune937July 17, 2019

Yeah Kamehameha represent! Hawaiian in the Funko house. I wonder why they added the kings name to this pop? Does anyone know? Nice pop by the way V!

VasilisJuly 18, 2019

@Menehune937 At first I didn’t know what Kamehameha was (no offence) until I did a google search on it. Funny thing is that this years Funko’s Fundays is going to be Hawaiian themed, I’m glad this figure isn’t an exclusive for this event. It’s because Goku used it while engaging in hand and hand battle with Final Form Freza to block his powerful move. Also an powerful move variation named “God Kamehameha Wave” You can read more about it here >
Thanks yes it sure is, i’m glad you like it! 🙂