Paul659February 25, 2020

@GIJoel the Robocop makes sense because the sequels came out in the 90s, so they could capitalize on its success. I’m thinking all the cartoons must’ve been playing on tv in Canada and Asia. Man you’re way too young to be collecting vintage figures 😂😂 In 95 and 96 I was spending a good deal of my college time driving and to any store that carried toys, looking for Star Wars figures and items that might’ve been clearanced

JoelFebruary 26, 2020

@Paul659 I took that time off from collecting, ran out of space lol. Recently got back into it when I got my house 👍 ran out of space lmao 😂 I dunno man, I was born 10-15 years too late based on my music taste too

Paul659February 26, 2020

@GIJoel 👍😀