Guillaume Rancourtadded June 1, 2019

This game is rare as f*** and this is the most expensive game for the ps2. The reason of his rarity is because it got band in a lot of country do to the child in the game and the game play it self. Looking at this game today, there’s nothing insane about it if I compare it to man hunt or modern warfare 2. The game it self had a pretty good and very weird story , but the game play is pain in the ass. The hit box it’s so broke. At least the game have some really good graphics for 2006, am still surprised. I was lucky to find this game in my local store at a « good » price, but I miss the instruction, witch is very hard to find loose and the other guy who had to game put a movie sticker that say « nouveauté » witch mean novelty in English. I try my best to remove it all, but you can still see where it was before :P

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ohnoitschrisJune 19, 2019

Wow! Thanks for posting that in my Weirdest Video Games group, that is awesome.