Guillaume Rancourtadded June 1, 2020

One of the last nes game and one of the rarest. This game is the continuation of the first chip n dale game ,witch is a Classic and one of the best platformer on nes. I did’nt play the first one so i cant tel the difference on the two games, but i know that capcom did’nt change de graphic on this game. My copy is complet ( game, instruction witch is missions one page :((, box and insert)

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Lauri5150June 2, 2020

Man. Where do you get these rarities from?

Guillaume RancourtJune 2, 2020

Well , i was lucky , i went at my game store and ask if they have empty nes and snes box, they show me a big box and find this box, a box for tmnt tournent fighters with the instruction and the box for incantion and wild gun for the snes, they put those box for a really good price and I took them ;))