Guillaume Rancourtadded October 14, 2020

This is a fantastic lego set and a rare one to , the set is base on the real life Finnjet ferry from the Finnlines, this ship was traveling in Finland to Germany, I think the only way to get this set ( at this period of time) was to go abord this ship , not sure. This boat is not in service anymore , do the age and the amount of money needed to restored the ship , it was set to scrap... my set is complet in box, I have all the pieces , the box and the instruction , I was to lazy to build it sooooo go check brickTsar vidéo on this set to see a complet review !!!
Ps : I have reproduction sticker on this set , I have no choice , the sticker are really hard find.

The Force Raccoon🥶October 14, 2020

I want a LEGO Titanic

Guillaume RancourtOctober 14, 2020

That will be awesome !!! I wish they add made it, maybe one day ;))