Guillaume Rancourtadded October 16, 2020

This is one of the most rarest set in the world , this set was a promotion with MD food but a few years after lego made this set , the company fusion with Arla dairies to make what we know to day Arla food, so this set was only made in Danemark and one particularity about this set is the fact that lego use the color green on the truc , this is a thing they never do on the classic lego land town line, that makes this truck unique, my set is complet with the original box , all the original parts and the instruction , the box was open but the bags are still sealed which is rare as f*** to find !!! The only bad things is that I don’t have the original sticker sheet , they are so rare to find , so I bought some reproduction one for the moment ;(( Also , since I love this set so much , I bought the figure with the original sticker on him :))
Fun fact , lego put the head of the figure on the torso during the production , they have done this for many years , they start in 1978 and I think they stop doing that in the early 2003 or 2004 ( not to sure) so that’s an other factor that help me find out that set 105 was sealed before ;))

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