Henryadded June 26, 2020

the first custom funko pop i ever made was Darth maul back in early 2017 and to show how far i have come i wanted to remake the character. the original one i made was from the phantom menace however as i wanted some differences in the new one so i chose to make the version from the end of solo a star wars story and as he is from that movie he includes his modified inquisitors lightsaber, his robotic legs and the crimson dawn cartels logo on a medallion around his neck.
i'm really happy with how he looks, i definitely have improved on my detail when painting, the face patterns that also are on his chest are great and the claywork for his robes and horns i think are amazing compared to the original maul i made.
please wow if you like my custom :)

Mr.ZEANJuly 8, 2020

That’s not a clay creation

HenryAugust 27, 2020

@abdulruhman there is clay on it but its not fully clay

HenryAugust 27, 2020

and the banner for clay club literally has a funko pop on it