Nicholas Lynn Norrisadded April 10, 2020

I remember when this Assassin’s Creed 3 first cam out, I punished my Xbox 360 with all the game hours trying to 100% the game.
And I’m very surprised with how great it is on the Switch also. The graphics aren’t like a console only system, and every now and then I think the frames with drop, but I’m honestly not sure lol.
With the little negative I had to say out of the way, I wanna say that, despite what I said about the graphics earlier, it’s actually surprisingly good looking.
And as I also said earlier, I truly can’t think of a moment the game’s FPS dropped. If it did, I wasn’t paying attention to it or I was just too sucked into the game and didn’t noticed because I was having fun!
Not to mention the DLC that’s with the game!
Speaking of fun.. It’s so awesome that it works as well as it does on a handheld/console hybrid, giving people the be a complete assassin badass pretty much anywhere you are.
And that’s what I appreciate the most about this port of AC3 for the Switch.
The fact that it works, for me at least, so well to help you escape for a bit, especially, again since it’s a handheld. I play it a good bit when I’m out the house.
Dang, I just realized how long this description was...
It’s like I turned into some game journalist for a little bit without knowing it lmfao 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Anyway, I also wanted to say I hope everyone is doing okay out there.
This predicament we’ve found ourselves in is pretty crazy.
Be safe you guys!!