Jeff Edwardsadded January 25, 2020

This is the 1981 ETONE plush Donkey Kong. Besides being a big fan of the classic arcade game, I love this vintage interpretation of DK because of its design.
This little guy is a bundle of fun! DK has soft plastic feet and hands and his hands clasp allowing the option to hang him. In addition, he has an embroidered Donkey Kong barrel patch on his chest.
This also is considered the pre-tie era. It is funny to me seeing just how much DK has changed over the years to becoming the DK we all know and recognize today. It is funny because, though Mario, too changed, he has maintained his identifiable characteristics and notable features since day one.
It is speculated that ETONE also made a Mario plush during this era, though, it was never released. There are some online pictures of said plush.
Whether you have been with DK since day one, or if you became a fan during the 90s or 00s, you can't deny that he belongs on the Nintendo "Rushmore".

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