JHKadded June 16, 2021

Limited Tabletop RPG Book with cd within

01. Enne - 04:24
02. Taistelu - 05:10
03. Maanpako - 05:47
04. Kutsu - 05:13
05. Raivo - 08:11
06. Ote - 07:25
07. Hauta - 05:19

- 00:41:29

- Post-Rock, Doom Metal, Neo-Folk/Classical
- Russia - Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk Oblast / Tallinn, Estonia
- Finnish
- Artoffact Records (09/04/2021)
- 4.5/5.0



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Limited Tabletop RPG Book with cd within

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JHKJune 16, 2021

@Duncan43 It ended up as a backorder from the supplier as soon as it would get back in stuck, but I started to get worried when the item appeared as "out of stock" for over a month and my local shop couldn't provide an answer to when or if the item would be back.

Duncan43June 16, 2021

@JoneHK I’ve had similar situations before that near make you panic. I’ve ordered an item before that says one left in stock. To me that means they have one available and ready to go, but after a month of it not having changed status to shipped you start to wonder if they really had it or not. I’ve had it go both ways.

JHKJune 16, 2021

@Duncan43 It was kind of the same uncertainty for me. It was completely out of stuck at my local record store for a long time, so it all depended on the supplier Artoffact Records, which is actually a Canadian record label, having more copies to supply. Kauan's record are always very limited, so I was not sure how good my chances were.