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- The Flash(5): 34 – “Black Hole Rising p.1.” (2018)
- The Flash(5): 35 – “Black Hole Rising p.2.” (2018)
- The Flash(5): 36 – “A Cold Day in Hell p.1.” (2018)
- The Flash(5): 37 – “A Cold Day in Hell p.2.” (2018)
- The Flash(5): 38 – “A Cold Day in Hell: Finale” (2018)

When one of the Flash’s Rogues is murdered inside Iron Heights prison, Barry Allen throws himself deep into the case, still reeling from the turmoil of his personal life! But when the clues begin to reveal an even greater conspiracy at work, the Flash soon discovers Iron Heights’ deadliest secret…

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Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter

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