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Texas Instruments released the Business Analyst-I in 1979 as a low-budget version of the original TI Business Analyst. This particular model appears to be from late 1979.
The name is somewhat confusing, and they probably should have called it the Business Analyst II. To make it more confusing, the proper Business Analyst II was an LCD calculator that appears to have been released earlier in August 1978. The TI Business Analyst-I appears to have identical function to the original.
There was also the Goulds Pumpulator TM, released in 1980. This was one of TI's early customized calculators, and was effectively a TI Business Analyst-I with some of the functions replaced with specialized calculations for use by Goulds Pumps, a pump manufacturing company still around today.

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TI Business Analyst-I


Texas Instruments Majestic Line


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