David Butleradded March 8, 2018

The Texas Instruments Programmable 57 was a low budget ($79.95, 49.95 GBP in 1970s money) programmable calculator released on May 24, 1977. It was intended to replace the Texas Instruments SR-56. I dont know how to program it, but apparently a program step could generally handle up to 3 key presses. With up to 50 steps available, that gives you 150 keystrokes for a program. I really need to find the programming book from the time.
Mine appears to be from the tail end of 1979 by both the datecode and the battery pack. Early TI-57s used the BP6 rechargeable pack with two NiCd cells at 2.4V bumped up to 9V by circuitry inside the calculator itself. Later TI-57s, like this one, used the BP7 which had a tiny booster circuit on the battery pack itself.
As you can imagine, this ancient battery pack was ruined, but unlike my first TI-55, the rest of the calculator was okay. I was able to use a standard 9V to get it running. Then it was just a bit of repainting to get it looking nice.


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