David Butleradded April 2, 2018

The Money Manager was released on January 23, 1977 with an introductory price of $26.95. It was essentially intended to used in the home as a cut-price versiion of the original business analyst ($49.95) from 1976. The best analogy here is if the TI-30 and the TI Business Analyst had a baby, as the key layout is identical to the Business Analyst, while the case design is very close to the TI-30.
This calculator was another member of the Majestic Line and was infamous for poor battery life with a standard 9V battery. It was so bad that Texas Instruments created the RK2 rechargable pack as an alternative. Mine does not have that pack, but hopefully modern batteries should help. I have included a side-by-side comparison shot with my TI-30, Money Manager, Business Analyst, and Business Analyst I.

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Texas Instruments Majestic Line

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TI Money Manager

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