David Butleradded July 25, 2018

I have heard this referred to as the holy grail of Japanese game consoles. The Nichibutsu MyVision was released in 1983 only in Japan. It was quickly crushed by the Famicom. The six games for this system were all based on Japanese board games. They are Gomoku Narabe Renju, Hanafuda, Mahjong (of course), Mastermind, Reversi, and Tsumeshogi. I believe it was supposed to also have Mahjong expansion cartridges for that expansion slot on the back, but it sounds like it died before any could be released. All the games use that keypad on the front. It is completely flat and there is no tactile feedback.
All i have is the console and the power adaptor. The only CIB unit i have ever seen at the time of writing this is going for $1000. The games are extremely rare. Thankfully MAME has four out of six of them. I would love to play them on the real thing, but that probably wont happen anytime soon.

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Natasha McEwanJuly 27, 2018

That looks pretty neat, I can imagine given it was more a built in games kinda thing it'd have been cheaper than the famicom when it was on the market? I remember hanafuda on the DS being pretty fun... :)