David Butleradded September 7, 2018

Casio is more well-known for calculators, but they did release a few game consoles and MSX computers in Japan. This was one of their failed concepts. It was aimed exclusively at little girls. The games are very simple and single-player only due to having one controller port for either the gamepad or the mouse. The major unique point was the sticker printer on the front, that used color thermal technology. I imagine the idea was that kids just love stickers and putting stickers on everything. Casio figured they would only sell a few consoles/games, then make the rest back when the kids burned through the printer's supply and the parent bought the expensive refills.The Loopy was very short-lived, as Casio released it in 1995 and gave up in 1996. Ten games were released, as well as a TV capture add-on known as "Magical Shop" for printing stickers from VHS still images, or really anything that could send composite video.

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rossuSeptember 7, 2018

I've wanted one of these for so looong