David Butleradded October 24, 2018

This was a project kit produced by Oscar Vermuelen that i assembled. It attempts to faithfully replicate a DEC PDP-11/70 minicomputer from 1975.
The switch panel and lights are linked to a Raspberry Pi 3B that emulates the DEC PDP-11/70. I also added an HDMI output, a USB output, and three RS232-compliant DB9 serial ports. I hope to eventually get a real vintage terminal hooked up to this. The keylock is real, and sends a shut down signal to the emulated operating system. It can also reboot the operating system.
The kit cost me about $300, and it wasnt too difficult to put together. I think this is an improvement over his PiDP8 (fully working replica of DEC PDP 8/i) that i assembled awhile back. That one lacked the keylocks of the original and did not have press-outs on the back for easily adding connectors.
For reference, i have photos of genuine machines.