David Butleradded November 10, 2018

This is another kit from Oscar Vermuellen, the hobbyist from Switzerland who makes and sells the PiDP8 and PiDP11 kits. Those are faithful, fully working replicas of the DEC PDP-8/I and DEC PDP-11/70 minicomputers respectively. I assembled both on my shelf. This is one of the kits that he created, though i am not sure if he still sells it. He did release the design files, so i was able to send it to a PCB manufacturer to het the boards.
This kit replicates the famous KIM-1 development board via Arduino emulation. Unlike the PiDP models, it only tries to replicate functionality rather than looks. It was designed to be cheap, open source, and easy to build.
If anyone wants a fairly easy and cheap kit to learn how to solder, this is a good one. I bought all the parts to make three (with many extras for some parts) for about $50. About $25 of that was sending Oscar's files to SEEED Studios to get ten of the boards manufactured. The rest was just standard 6mmx6mm toggle switches, some LED numerics displays, resistors, and some $3 arduino boards.
I havent investigated how to program it yet. I include a photo of a real KIM-1 for comparison. This really is like someone snapped the keypad off a real KIM-1, with all the RAM, ROM, and 6502 crammed into emulation on an arduino.