David Butleradded November 10, 2018

This looks familiar...This is an offshoot of Oscar Vermuelen's Kim Uno project, which was a modern replica of the KIM-1 from 1976. It replicated the keypad from the KIM-1, but everything else was emulated by an arduino. The two differences with this version are the firmware on the arduino and the tiny (0.92") graphics display.
Instead if replicating the functionality of the KIM-1, this one focuses on the Cosmac Elf, another development board from around the same time. It emulates the Elf's 1802 CPU instead of the KIM-1's 6502.The tiny screen is meant to replicate the iconic 1861 Pixie video display from the time
Unfortunately, i think my particular choice of arduino is having problems driving the screen. It does load the image of the USS Enterprise, but there are supposed to be games to play on the screen. Unfortunately, i cant get them to load.