David Butleradded December 13, 2018

I bought this as a bare board with some parts included from Corsham Technologies. Unlike most kits i have assembled, they did not supply all of the parts. You are expected to go buy them from other sources, such as Digikey.
The KIM-1 itself was a single board demonstration/development board released in 1976 by MOS technologies to demonstrate the recently released 6502 microprocessor. The KIM-1 has huge historical significance, as it was one of the very first "complete" computer kits that could do useful things without a ton of expansion boards. It was also among the first affordable home computers. The 6502 and offshoots went on to be used in many 1970s and 1980s computers, including the entire Atari 8-bit line, the Apple II, the Commodore 8-bit line, and many more.
This kit is not an emulation like the PiDP 8 and PiDP 11 kits that i completed and posted here. This one is a true hardware replica, as roughly 90% of the chips used in the original KIM-1 are still manufactured. This includes the 6502, though MOS technologies is long gone. I went to a bit of extra trouble and found an eBay seller who had obtained original 6502s produced by MOS themselves from a company that sold spare parts for Commodore machines.
Corsham did make a few changes, such a multi-pin connector for their own KIM-1 SD card adapter and a USB connection for using a serial terminal program. They also include EEPROMs of custom programs.
It cost me about $200 for the bare board and parts. That is expensive, but a cheaper alternative to a real KIM-1, which i have seen on eBay for $2000. Most of the parts were easy to find via Digi-key, though some required eBay/Frys. If someone reading this is thinking about making this kit, i have three bits of advice:
1) The 7805 needs a heatsink and gets hot enough to burn your skin. 2) Corsham's instructions were incomplete and unfinished when i bought mine, despite this being Rev 3. I had to Email them for clarification. 3) Following from #2,when in doubt follow t

@10red80December 13, 2018