David Butleradded December 22, 2018

Well this is different. This is a game system from the Milton-Bradley toy company. It seems to be all trivia games. There are cartridges for Password Plus and Jeopardy among others, so it is apparent that it wanted to be a home version of television game shows.
The console uses 8-track tape cartridges to store its games. This is great for storing the voice of the person hosting the trivia show. However, this is not like the old 2XL robot where you switch between the four programs to make your choice and hear the answer. This thing stays on one of the four programs throughout your game. However, each program has two audio tracks, and the Omni is able to switch which one is audible through the speaker on top.
These tapes also store program data that the Omni can interpret to know what the correct answer is, interpret the answers entered into the four keypads by the players, award the score, and know when to swap between the two tracks. In normal operation, the machine is able to keep all this invisible to the user. They only ever hear the voice, and never the screeching of data being loaded.
I need to find time to play this for myself, though i will probably fail at the late 70s trivia. This wouldve been pretty amazing for 1980, but i dont think it sold well. My understanding is that both the console and games are pretty rare nowadays.