David Butleradded March 13, 2019

The Mego 2XL was released in 1978, as a children's toy. It gives out trivia questions from its 8-track tapes, and players must press the buttons to choose their answers. The responses to answers are on the different tracks attached to the buttons, so 2XL gives different responses. There were many different tapes released. There are educational tapes in math and science. There are tapes about healthy living. I have also found tapes that require either relabelling the buttons or using a separate workbook, so not everything follows the same formula.
I got this little guy in an ebay lot several months ago with all of those tapes for around $60. However, it would not play the tapes. The speaker would buzz and the mechanism for switching programs would not engage. he motor would barely move, as though it was not getting power. Originally, i thought it was the belt, so i replaced it. However, that did nothing.
Then, i replaced all seven electrolytic capacitors, but that didnt fix the aforementioned issues. And then i noticed the reason for the power problem. Warning to anyone buying secondhand: sometimes sellers send the wrong power adaptor. I cant remember whether they claimed it was the original adaptor or not. They sent a 9V AC adaptor. The 2XL uses a 9V DC adaptor. After getting a different adaptor, it works fine. Im sure it still appreciated the new belt and the new capacitors though.

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ohnoitschrisMarch 13, 2019

That's pretty bizarre. Interesting!