David Butleradded April 13, 2019

Well, this is an odd thing. The Mattel See 'N Say video phone was an attempt to promote a VHS-based edutainment console as an offshoot of the legendary See 'N Say brand. Given that i have found very little information on it, and there appear to have only been four tapes released, we can assume that it sold poorly.
The system works by connecting to the audio output of the VCR, allowing it to play the audio over the devices speakers and receive programming data hidden in the audio stream. The gameplay centers around the characters using their own phones to "call" your phone, have it ring, and then you pick up the phone to pretend you are talking to them. As the tape plays, you are presented with very simple questions that can be answered by pushing one of the four buttons. This is very similar to the Connor Videosmarts.
However, this goes further by giving the phone the ability to switch the audio on and off. This allows it to output different audio depending on whether you got the answer right or wrong. Unfortunately, as the audio input is mono, they cant do something clever like switch between left and right channels to give different dialog. Instead, they just put both lines one after another and turn the audio on and off. This leads to awkward pauses.
This product came out of a deal between Bandai and Mattel to try to bring a Japanese product, known as the Bandai Telebiko, to market in the US. Both consoles work the same way, and i believe they are cross-compatible. However, i believe the product was more successful in Japan, as at least eight tapes have ended up on YouTube and Internet Archive.
My unit is mostly functional, as it outputs the audio over the speaker, i can tell that the console interprets my button presses and outputs different audio. However, i believe that whenever you are supposed to pick up the phone, it is supposed to play audio in the handset, with speaker phone as an alt. However, this is not working. It is either speaker phone or mute.

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