David Butleradded May 18, 2019

This is an obscure VHS videogame console from Japan. It was released around 1988. It is edutainment, aimed at children. I keep seeing conflicting things as to whether it is called Terebikko or Telebikko. Im not sure how long this item was available, but there was a later cordless phone version. I am trying to obtain one of those as well.
The games are on VHS tapes, and they were mostly anime. Among the library were Anpaman titles, a Dragon Ball Z title, and at least one Sailor Moon title. They are edutainment.
The phone plugs into the audio output of the VCR. As the tape plays, the phone will ring, and the player will pretend to talk on the phone with the character. When a question is asked, one of the four colored buttons must be pressed to answer it. The device takes the audio signal from the VCR to determine whether the question was answered correctly. As the audio output is mono, the device cannot be clever by switching audio tracks. Thus, all of the responses are given sequentially, and the console must mute the audio of the responses that are not relevant to the answer. This leads to awkward silences.
A variant of this, the See 'N Say Video Phone, was released in the U.S. They appear to come from the same mould, and are apparently electrically compatible. I have included a comparison shot. The US version is even more obscure than the Japanese one, and it seems to have had less success. The Japanese Telebikko appears to have had around eight games released. Meanwhile the U.S version appears to have only had four games.

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