David Butleradded June 1, 2019

While the American version of the Bandai Terebikko (See N Say Video Phone) appears to have only ever had one version, the original Japanese toy lasted long enough to get updated to look like a cordless phone. My original model was copyright 1988, while this new version was copyright 1994. The advert also mentions 22 tapes, while the US version apparently only had four.
As with the original model, this was a VHS-based edutainment console. The games are simple. Every now and again the characters will call you to pretend to talk with you. They will ask questions which you answer using the four colored buttons. The base plugs into your VCR, and the game tape sends audio signals to tell the console which answer is correct. The console then knows which portion of the audio to mute, and which portion to let play. This allows different feedback for different answers, despite VHS being a linear format.
Beyond the fact that the receiver communicates wirelessly with the base, the second version appears to operate differently inside. It has a stereo input jack, instead of the old mono one. The included introductory/instruction tape also appears to have different audio on the left and right tracks. Im not sure if they did something clever here to ensure that it was backwards-compatible with the original mono Terebikko, but i hope so, as that would make the tape selection less confusing.

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