David Butleradded August 15, 2019

Oh dear. Here we have the infamous VideoArt, released by toy company LJN in 1985. This is a very primitive paint program, with the additional cartridge granting new pictures to draw over. The joystick has a slider to pick between colors, and you get an awkward stick that you move around and press down on the big button to draw. The two other buttons on the controller lock the vertical or horizontal, which seems to be the only way to draw a straight line. The buttons on the console include a power button with a plug on it, an erase button with a pencil eraser on it, a button with a book on it to display a new background, and two paint roller button that don't seem to do anything.
Erasing is one pixel at a time, and it only affects the lines that you drew, but the backgrounds.
It took awhile, but I was able to use my portable TV with RF in and composite out to get something that I could display on my 4K TV. The graphics seem to flicker, fidget, and even shift in color when blown up this big, so I wouldn't recommend it.
What else is there to say? I noticed that if you leave it alone for awhile, the entire screen becomes one color. Then, when you move the stick, your drawing comes back. Of course I am trying to collect cartridges for this thing. I have the original "VideoArt Activity Cartridge", which came with the unit, the "Marvel Super Heroes" cartridge, and the "My Favorite Doll" cartridge.
I discovered that the packaging for Marvel Super Heroes features a short comic that includes colored versions of the console's line-art backgrounds. I'm not sure whether any of the other cartridges did something similar, as I don't have the packaging for any others.
I think Spiderman's(?) face on one of the Marvel heroes images sums it all up.

MiKaaAugust 15, 2019

Wow 😮!!! Wanna swap for PS4 Pro? Lol 😂