David Butleradded October 20, 2019

This was the middle child of the TI-1600 line, which was a short-lived line of calculators released by Texas Instruments in 1976. The idea of this line was to slim down their existing VFD calculators from "hand-held" to pocket-sized.
I am including a thickness comparison with the TI-1265, which uses the same display and button layout. Both of them run on 9 volts. However, while the TI-1265 uses a standard 9 volt battery, the TI-1650 uses a custom-made 9 volt battery from French company SAFT.
However, this line did not last very long. By 1977 Texas Instruments released the TI-1750, their first LCD calculator. LCD calculators had existed since 1972, and while they were typically lower power consumption, they were unreliable. By 1977, they were stable enough that Texas Instruments wanted in. Because they had much lower power consumption, they could run on button cells, which allowed calculators to become pocket-sized. As such, the TI-1600 line was abandoned, and all members have become rare.
My TI-1650 will flicker the display if plugged in, but it won't do much else. I removed the long-dead battery from mine to prevent future damage.

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