David Butleradded November 15, 2019

Well, I was not expecting to find one of these. The Connor Computersmarts was released by Connor Toy Company in 1987. It was different from other talking computer toys in that it had two modes of operation.
First, you had the cartridges for playing simple cartridge games of the single-line text-only LCD. Second, they produced FMV games on VHS tapes. The system connected to the audio output on the VCR. As the tape played, the characters (a combination of creepy puppets and cheesy live-action actors) would ask questions. Audio signals from the tapes would tell the computer what the correct answer was, and so the computer would be able to tell you if you were right or wrong.
This was the successor to the Connor Videosmarts from 1986, which was supposedly the first VHS-based game console. However, that unit only had four possible inputs, while this one has a full QWERTY keyboard. From what I have seen of YouTube trips of the tapes, it was mostly about typing in different words.
I have heard some people refer to this as a prototype, rather than the mass-market unit. The TV adverts and logos on the game boxes show the unit with the fold-out screen. However, the magazine advert shows a stationary screen set in the top. Apparently the folding screen was too expensive, so they either changed it late into production, or early into mass-market.
My unit works, at least for cartridge games. I have "Language Arts". However the game introduces itself as "Type Smart". It is just trying to type the letters before they cross the LCD. There is a speech synth that asks your name at start, but it doesn't attempt to read it back. It also introduces the game and tells you your score at the end. I don't know of any other cartridges. One of the VHS tapes, the "Video Guided Tour", shows a cartridge called "Double Digits Double Trouble" alongside four unknown cartridges. Not sure if they exist.
Connor Toy Corporation went bust between 1988 and 1990. This thing sold poorly, and is rare.

David ButlerNovember 15, 2019

Ran out of room. Apparent, there were at least six VHS tapes released. There was the "Video Guided Tour" to introduce the console, a series of four VHS tapes in the "Word Mystery" series to teach basic language arts, and a single tape for what was supposed to be the "Math Skills" series.
I believe that the cartridges and VHS tapes were independent of each other. The puppet characters were supposed to be aliens traveling through space. They are called "Beek" and "Rains" and are friends with "DJ", a talking computer.