David Butleradded January 19, 2020

So, here we are. This was the third entry in the Videosmarts line of edutainment consoles from Connor Toy Corporation. First, there was the Videosmarts (1986), then came the Computersmarts (1987), and now the VideoPhone (1989). However, this unit appears to have been rebadged by Vtech in 1990, leading me to believe that Connor Toy Corporation went bankrupt in either 1989 or 1990.
All of the consoles used VHS tapes, and they connected to the back of the VCR via the audio out. The Computersmarts added a full keyboard for more complex gameplay. However, the VideoPhone was a phone-shaped remake of the original Videosmarts. It has the same four buttons, but another speaker is added to the handset. I suspect this was an attempt to follow either the Japanese "Telebikko" from Bandai, or the American release of the same item as the "See 'N Say Video Phone" by Mattel.
Given how soon Connor Toy Corporation collapsed, I doubt that many of these exist. The box is basically unchanged, with Vtech adding a sticker for their company to the front and a copyright sticker for their company to the back. The phone itself also has a Vtech sticker added, though a molded Connor logo and a molded copyright date of 1989 are still visible.
There is also a 1989 advertisement from Vtech, though I don't know if that originally came in the box. None of three Connor gsme consoles are in there, though.
I find it funny that their selling point was that kids really loved telephones in 1989. That was before my time, so I'm not sure if that is true.