David Butleradded June 11, 2020

What is this thing? Why do i have it? What's wrong with it? I was looking at vintage keyboards on ebay, and then i found this thing. Apparently, this was a purpose-built machine for video editing back in the 1980s. However, it doesnt appear to be working correctly, and i dont know how to use it anyway. I see a video input line and two output lines. You can put in either composite video with mono audio or an RF connection. Presumably, the RF uses channel 34.
Then, you have an output marked "message", and an output marked "edit". The "edit" output gave me a string of seemingly random text, with some of it blinking on and off, as well as a date and time. Meanwhile, the "message" output gives me a distorted imagebof the output that my PVM has trouble ginding sync on. All of this was done with the composite connection, as i didnt want to mess with RF.
I havent opened it up yet, but the seller did show it with the top off. There are soldered in batteries, so i need to get the top off soon.
I couldnt get anything to change by pressing the keyboard. The four toggle buttons on the right didnt help either. I wonder if the key-lock is locking the keyboard.
I dont even know what the aux connector on the back is for. I have no documentation on this unit. This will be an adventure.